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Are we fundraisers or interest raisers?  At Donor by Design Group we fundamentally believe that at the core of every successful fundraising effort are donors who are passionate and interested in the organization’s case for support.

We believe that the simple formula for fundraising is:

Where a donor’s interest AND capacity intersect – there’s your gift.

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So let’s reframe the discussion. We believe that our clients are more successful as interest raisers rather than fundraisers.  Interest raising is intentional and perhaps takes more time but also yields significant results.

Fundraising is a unique blend of art and science. Technology gives us streamlined ways to manage campaigns and communicate with donors and campaigners.  And yet the heart of fundraising is art – storytelling and relationship building (aka interest raising).

Donor By Design values both the art and the science of good fundraising. Through our products and services, we’ll help you master both the high-tech and the high-touch aspects of resource development.