Posted by Jim Mellor on Feb. 5, 2019

    Like me, you may be hearing a lot of chatter about our economy. We have experienced significant economic prosperity over the past years. Is our economy headed for a slow down? Who knows?

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    Posted by Mike Bussey on Jan. 9, 2017

    This month, the Donor By Design Group is challenging you to take action, moving from resolutions to results. Today’s topic? Stop thinking about endowment and just do it!  

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    Posted by Thom Peters on May. 27, 2014

    While flying the friendly skies has become a routine part of my life, I still don’t take safety for granted (code for, “I am still afraid”). Like most folks, I pay little attention to the pre-flight safety instructions, but I do look for the nearest exit and – if seated in an exit row – which way to throw the window in the event of an emergency.

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    Posted by Bruce Berglund on May. 20, 2014

    I often tell clients that I wish I could make this work sound more complicated. After all, they’ve brought me in to talk to their team about a campaign that will be vital to the organization’s future. Surely I must have complicated graphs and algorithms to make it all work? When it comes right down to it though, fundraising tactics are really quite simple.

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