At DBD Group, we know that financial management is about more than numbers. Our Financial Management team has the perspective and expertise to help your organization navigate challenges and maximize your opportunities. 

    Assess Your Current Situation 

    As your organization goes through times of change, a Financial Assessment can help leadership evaluate the strengths of the organization in order to effectively plan for the future. Consider a Financial Assessment:

    • Before a capital expansion campaign
    • As part of a CEO transition
    • If there are concerns about the financial sustainability of your organization

    Be Smart About Debt

    Short and long-term debt are tools a non-profit can use to help achieve mission objectives, however too much debt can limit your organization’s ability to serve. DBD can help you determine your organization’s capacity to manage debt. Working with financial institutions in your local community, we can help identify opportunities for you to restructure any debt you do have, enabling you to use your resources more efficiently and effectively.

    Make a Successful Transition

    When your CFO role becomes vacant, you have both an immediate need and a longer-term opportunity. DBD can help with your short-term needs with experienced staff to fill in until a new hire is made. We can also help you determine the skills and strengths you need in a new CFO before you hire them, ensuring that you find a good fit for your organization’s future. 

    Collaborate Wisely

    When two organizations are contemplating working together, there are a number of questions to be answered. DBD can help you:

    • Determine the short-term and long-term benefits
    • Conduct due diligence
    • Combine financial systems, styles and policies

    Preparing for a Capital Campaign

    Before you embark a capital or expansion campaign, turn to DBD to evaluate your proforma and investigate your financial options. This will set the stage for realistic expectations and help you and your board know your options as you move forward with an ambitious campaign.


    If you are looking for a financial management assistance to help your organization advance its mission, DBD Group is here to  help!

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